Summer Scare: Weekend ghost hunts at Yorktown hospital | News

Summer Scare: Weekend ghost hunts at Yorktown hospital |  News

YORKTOWN — Dozens on the hunt for ghosts gathered at the Yorktown Memorial Hospital Friday and Saturday nights to explore the abandoned building.

The hospital is the site of over 2,000 deaths, including at least two brutal murders, and some people believe it is haunted, according to Fred Garza-Guzman, co-owner of Curious Twins Paranormal and Ghost Tours.

Thirty-six people, mainly from San Antonio, gathered outside the hospital before the paranormal investigation Saturday night.

Among the people hoping to have a ghostly encounter were Priscilla and Donald Thomas, of San Antonio.

Priscilla and Donald Thomas outside the Yorktown Memorial Hospital Saturday night.

“We’re amateur paranormal investigators, and we’ve seen this place on numerous TV shows,” Donald Thomas said. “We wanted to come out and see if we can find anything here ourselves.”

The hospital was the subject of an investigation done by the Travel Channel’s Ghost Adventures series. The episode can still be accessed on the Travel Channel’s website.

Garza-Guzman, and Stephen Garza-Guzman, told everyone on the tour about the history of the building.

The hospital was built in 1951 and was managed by the Felician Sisters and the Roman Catholic Church. The money to build the hospital came from donations, including a very large one from the Ford Motor Company, according to a handout from Curious Twins.

It closed its doors as a hospital in 1986 when a newer facility was built in nearby Cuero, according to Garza-Guzman.

It then opened as a drug rehabilitation center until its total decommission in 1992, Garza-Guzman said, adding that, as of 2022, the building has been abandoned for 30 years.

The hospital has three floors, and each floor has a scary story to tell, Garza-Guzman said.

The basement boiler room has a loading dock on which a young person who was addicted to drugs was left by his friends in a nearly comatose, overdosed state, Garza-Guzman said. The young man, TJ, died, and his apparition is sometimes seen pacing around the loading dock, head down, looking forlorn, he said.

Also in the same area of ​​the basement, a woman and her lover were killed to death by a jealous boyfriend, Garza-Guzman said. Blood spatter was still visible on the brick walls, he said.

The priests’ quarters and a jail cell are also on the basement floor. The jail cell was for people addicted to drugs to detox, according to Garza-Guzman.

Ghost hunters

Amateur ghost hunters file into Yorktown Memorial Hospital Saturday night.

The main floor has a nurse’s station, patient rooms, operating rooms and a maternity ward. It is the most paranormally active floor, according to Garza-Guzman.

Also on the main floor is a kitchen where, Garza-Guzman said, the spirit of a nun who was abused by priests haunts the area.

“She didn’t die here,” said Garza-Guzman. “She worked here in this kitchen and was badly abused by a priest here. We’ve communicated with her, and she is here at the scene of her trauma, seeking absolution so she can pass to the other side.”

During Saturday night’s investigation, photos taken of one of the dark hallways on this floor appeared to show a door that was closed suddenly open and a ghostly figure step out of the room to look at the investigators although, it could also simply be a play of light and dust particles. The photo is, of course, open to interpretation.

Ghost picture?

A side-by-side comparison of two photos taken down a hallway on the main floor of the Yorktown Memorial Hospital. Some might claim to see an ethereal figure in a hospital gown facing the photographer at the end of the hallway in the left photograph.

The main floor also has a chapel, complete with a creepy coffin stationed under the altar for effect.

The top floor is where the nuns resided and is where most people experience negative energy, according to Curious Twins.

It seems the nuns do not like tattoos and will scratch and choke men who bear them, Garza-Guzman said. They seem OK with women, but men should not be in their former dorm, Garza-Guzman said.

One investigator on Saturday night was told, via a spirit box communicator, that the entities on the third floor wished to harm him. He had many exposed tattoos. He was not harmed, and was at the event with to female friends.

One of the women told Garza-Guzman, “Up on the third floor, in a room with some candles, we picked up some real bad vibes. We asked if the spirits wanted to hurt us.” She then said that the spirits said they wanted to hurt only two members of their three-member group, one was the tattooed man.

Boiler room

Amateur ghost hunters prepare to enter the boiler room in the basement of Yorktown Memorial Hospital Saturday night, led by Fred and Stephen Garza-Guzman.

Spirit box communicators run through radio channels and mostly give off a static sound, but occasionally a word or two will come through. It is supposed by some ghost hunters that spirits manipulate the radio frequencies to pick out words to speak.

Anyone can download a spirit box communicator app. A wide variety are available on the app store sites.

Finally, also on the third floor, is the choir box, above the chapel, where the nuns would go to pray daily.

One investigator seemed to be communicating with a female spirit in the choir box, using a spirit box app, but promptly left the area when a female voice said, “Can you find me?” She said, “That’s just creepy, and I want to get out of here,” on her way to exit the area.

The Curious Twins provided a fun, good scare for a hot June weekend in Yorktown. They will return to Yorktown for another weekend paranormal investigation sometime in December or January, Garza-Guzman said, when “it is much cooler.” The hospital has no electricity and temperatures inside, after dark, were still just over 100 degrees.


An old clock dangles sideways on a wall in a patient room at the abandoned Yorktown Memorial Hospital.


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