Embrace Summer with Jovē’s Summer Refresh Hydration Challenge | News

Embrace Summer with Jovē's Summer Refresh Hydration Challenge |  News

Jovē is Putting the ‘Skin’ in National (Skin) Hydration Day with a Series of Exciting Social Giveaways and the Ultimate Hotel and Spa Getaway Sweepstake

BOCA RATON, Fla., June 23, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — To mark National Hydration Day, taking place each year on June 23, Jovē will launch the Jovē Summer Refresh Campaign to educate consumers about the importance of skin and cellular hydration — what the brand refers to as Deep Hydration® — particularly as it relates to the skin during summer months when temperatures rise, layers of clothing are shed and outdoor activities become increased.

Jovē is encouraging to take a 7-day Hydration Challenge this summer to experience the benefits of Deep Hydration® for the skin and throughout the body. Jovē not only provides ultra-hydration for the skin from the inside out, but with averaging a consumption of at least one liter a day of Jovē, consumers may experience supple skin, improved complexion, flushed toxins, more energy, and better sleep amongst a number of wellness benefits.

Since water makes up nearly 60% of body composition, the best way to maintain optimal health and smooth, supple skin is to stay properly hydrated. Drinking copious amounts of water may sound like a simple solution, but unfortunately the body can expel that water as waste before optimal skin and cellular hydration has occurred. Here’s where Jovē comes in.

To support the initiative, consumers can follow the brand’s social media channels – @drinkjove on Instagram and Drink Jovē on Facebook – to enter fun giveaways all summer long. Jovē will give away over $10,000 in prizes during their seasonal social media campaign, with the theme of ‘Jovē’s Summer Refresh’ this year. The signature campaign is one that Jovē reintroduces during the summer and fall seasons each year with the goal of introducing Jovē to new consumers and building community through fun mini-giveaways. Jovē’s Summer Refresh Hydration Challenge will officially kick-off on June 29.

“We love taking this breakthrough science that serves as the foundation of Jovē water and communicate it in fun and engaging ways,” says Tammy Hobbs, Jovē’s Chief Executive Officer. “Cellular hydration is essential for healthy skin and we hope to engage our consumers in a way that helps demonstrate how they can feel and look their best by making Jovē the daily drink of their choice this summer.”

To end a summer of fun giveaways, Jovē has partnered with the beautiful Vista Encantada Spa Resort & Residences for an exciting sweepstakes. Three lucky winners will win a 3-night getaway to Vista Encantada Spa Resort & Residences including a roundtrip flight, resort stay and spa package for two guests. Located in the destination of Cabo San Lucas, Mexico, Vista Encantada’s luxurious suites provide an exclusive and tranquil retreat for guests seeking to recharge and indulge in a place that helps disconnect and then reconnect to what really matters. The sweepstake will launch on July 5 and run through August 6. Consumers are encouraging to follow Jovē on social media in preparation for the sweepstakes.

Through their proprietary ACH Technology® (Advanced Cellular Hydration Technology) Jovē increases alkalinity with an exclusive patented essential mineral, liquid silica, that not only supports hair, skin, and nail strength, but overall wellness. Jovē water is also charged with an abundance of electrons, a primary source of energy, for a water that’s smooth, refreshing and deeply hydrating. Up to 75% of Americans are chronically dehydrated, and feeling irritable, sluggish, having dull and dry skin and poor sleep can all be associated with dehydration. The level of hydration in the body can decline as we age, but by drinking truly hydrating water, the body benefits at the cellular level. Cellular hydration supports mitochondria (the power plant of cells), cellular metabolism and the release of cellular waste. Jovē is shown to provide skin and cellular hydration and drinking Jovē water leads to a happy body and healthy skin.

About Jovē

Jov is a new premium Alkaline water made with ACH Technology® (Advanced Cellular Hydration) that is healthy shown to provide proper skin and cellular hydration in support of, vibrant living. Jovē is infused with an exclusive patented liquid silica, an essential mineral that increases alkalinity and is then charged with an abundance of electrons, a primary source of energy. This combination of science and nature has led to the creation of the smooth and refreshing taste of Jovē. Jovē bottles and caps are 100% recyclable. To show its commitment to being part of responsible use and processing of plastic, Jovē has partnered with TerraCycle to support the responsible use of plastic and cleaning of our oceans. Jovē is currently available in-store at Publix, Giant Food Stores and Earth Fare and online at Amazon. Follow @drinkjove on Instagram and Facebook. For more information, visit drinkjove.com.


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