Fair Gives 4-Hers Chance To Showcase Animals | News, Sports, Jobs

Fair Gives 4-Hers Chance To Showcase Animals |  News, Sports, Jobs

Raelynn Ellsworth is pictured with her pig.

As the Chautauqua County Fair kicks off, local 4-H members are ready to show off a variety of animals.

Dayne Jantzi from Clymer is a member of the Sherman Kountry Kids 4-H Club, and is part of the dairy program. He will be bringing three cows with him to the fair this year — two Ayrshires and a Holstein.

For Jantzi, preparations include working with his animals.

“We helped to paint the fair barn,” Jantzi said. “I have been practicing with my animals to be ready for shows.”

Before the fair begins, Jantzi still has to get the stalls in the fair barn bedded and has to clip his animals, or give them a haircut in the correct way for show.

Logan Ellsworth and Raelynn Ellsworth are pictured with one of their fair pigs.

Jantzi is also part of the 4-H Dairy Bowl program. This year, Jantzi was part of the New York state senior division, and was top 10 in the states, placing third overall. This allowed him a trip to nationals, which he was unable to attend because he was too young.

Altogether, Jantzi said he is part of 4-H to make friends. “4-H is a great way for kids to meet and have fun,” Jantzi said.

The Chautauqua County Fair runs today through Sunday.

Erma Wolcott of Mayville is also part of the 4-H Dairy Program. She is the lone member in 4-H, and this year will be showing a fall Holstein calf and a winter Holstein calf. “So far I have walked my calves,” Wolcott said. “I have washed them and done normal everyday chores — cleaning, hay, feed water, all that.”

Like Jantzi, one last preparation Wolcott had to do was clip her cows to be ready for show.

Pictured is Dayne Jantzi with his Holstein that he will be showing at the fair this year.

Wolcott is also this year’s Chautauqua County Dairy Ambassador, a role formerly known as Dairy Princess and a title that has been changed because of the inclusion of boys into the overall program. Depending on her show days, Wolcott will spend some time with her Dairy Ambassador team at the booth.

“Come out to the fair and see me at the booth,” Wolcott said.

The Ellsworth family from Panama is made up of three kids that are part of 4-H: Logan, Landen and Raelynn, who is a Cloverbud, otherwise known as one of the younger members of 4-H. All three are members of the Harmony Haystackers. The family is part of the hog program.

“And we have chickens,” Raelynn Ellsworth added.

The kids also participate in the craft side of 4-H in projects including ceramics, arts and crafts, recycling art, photography, tie dye, painting and sewing. Logan Ellsworth has a ceramics and tie dye project that has been chosen to go to states.

Erma Wolcott is pictured with one of her show cows for this year’s fair.

Preparations for the Ellsworths focused on the animals and their booth.

“We have our poster boards made,” Logan Ellsworth said. “We’ve set up the booth. We’ve called buyers that may be interested in buying our pigs. We’ve set up the stalls in the barn but haven’t decorated them yet. We’ve been training with them and weighing them every day. We’re pretty much set with our animals.”

Other preparations included getting one more pig up to weight and getting themselves ready.

“We have to get the trailer packed,” Landen Elsworth said. “We have to get stuff ready and fill up our tote with brushes and things. And we still have to decorate the booth in the pig barn.”

The kids also help in the snack bar during the week, and Logan Ellsworth is a Junior Superintendent in the Hog Barn this year.

Wolcott is pictured with her other show calf for this year.

All three kids are bringing chickens to the fair this year. As part of the poultry project, they also have donated some of their chickens to charity, though Raelynn was too young to participate in the donation part. The family also gets involved in helping the community, mostly doing things with the Blue Star Mothers group.

“We try to get them involved in helping the community and involved in anything in 4-H that we can,” said Joe Ellsworth, father of the family.

Logan is vice president and Landen is secretary of the Harmony Haystackers group.

As part of 4-H, the family has a lot of fun.

“We have a lot of fun,” Jessica Ellsworth, mother of the family, said. “Our kids love leading their pigs; 4-H is a lot of fun, and anyone of all ages can sign up. Our kids range from age 6 to 15. It teaches them respect, work ethic and gives them a lot of things to do. The hog community is great, and everyone is always willing to help. It’s a great family environment.”

Joe Ellsworth added his thanks for the community support.

“I can’t say thank you enough for the support from our community and 4-H leaders,” he said. “As a dad stand point, I could not be prouder of my kids. They love it.”

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