Even if you love your pet, leave it at home

Even if you love your pet, leave it at home

Dear Amy: I think it is time for pet owners to take a good, long look at their beliefs and behavior and give non-pet people a break.

My mother and uncle quarreled with allergies to animals, and the problems ranged from nasty skin lesions and irritated eyes to alarming breathing problems.

When I saw similar problems beginning with me, I promised myself I would never have pets. My health is better as a result.

Please stop regarding me as unfriendly because I do not want to pet your dog or cat or have your bird perch on me, whether or not allergies are a factor.

Please don’t tell me my allergies are not real because you can’t see them.

Please leave your pets at home when you stop in to see me.

Please stop telling me that volunteering at the shelter would change my mind.


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